Copyright 2008 Henrik Bjorkman European Infotech AB
This software may be distributed under the GNU general public license version 3.

You use this software completely at your own risk.

Installation on windows


Download and install Java Runtime Environment (JRE): jre-6u7-windows-i586-p.exe .

Later versions of JRE directly from can also be used but then you need to edit the startup scripts later during this installation.

Comm port server

Install the comm port IP server.

Create a folder called "c:\bin".

Save the file comport_ip_server.exe in that folder.

Source code for the comm port IP server can be found here:

EIT ChartPlotter

Create a folder "C:\java" for the program.

Save the file ChartPlotter.jar in that folder

If you use MS Internet Explorer be aware so that windows dont append some extra ".zip" extension to the filename.

Create a folder "C:\charts" for the charts.

To begin with download and unpack these demo files to that folder.

Save these two bat file on your desktop:
You may need to edit paths in these two ".bat" files if you use another java version or saved files in other folders than we did above.


Use the .bat files to start respective program.

On windows it is important to start windows BEFORE connecting the GPS otherwise windows plug and play feature might think that the GPS is a serial mouse (that will really mess things up).

If you have other programs that will need to use a serial port (such as internet connection over a modem) then start those before starting EIT ChartPlotter. In its default configuration the EIT ChartPlotter will use all remaining ports, this since USB GPSes have a tendency to get different COMx port numbers depending on which USB port they are connected to.

Installation on linux

First download and install the comm port IP server.

It can be found here:

If you use Linux you will need to download the source files and complie them. When this was written the latest version has not yet been tested on Linux (I never hear from anyone using this on Linux, so I dont test it on Linux so often) but older versions have worked.

Download EIT ChartPlotter from:

You need to allow users to use the serial port. If you give this command (as root) then it should work:
chmod o+rw /dev/ttyS0
or was it /dev/cua0?

Installation on PocketPC

It is also possible to run the ChartPlotter on a Windows mobile PDA