Installing on a Windows mobile PDA

Mysaifu JVM

The following is about how I installed Mysaifu on a FujitsuSiemens Pocket loox 560C

First I used the GPS settings to set the virtual com port to com9 on the PDA. Hardware com port was com8 but the virtual com port allows multiple applications so it is recomended. I did this when I installed destinator, that is before installing EIT ChartPlotter.

Make sure to only have small map images (low resolution if you use an A4 scanner) or it will be to slow (or there will be nothing on the screen at all).

I found Mysaifu at:

Installing Mysaifu on the PDA was easy, just follow their instructions. I would recomend to install it on a storage card, because if you have no starage card you will not have room for any charts anyway.

Placed the ChartPlotter.jar file in a folder called \java on the storage card.

Placed my charts in \charts on the storage card.

The tricky part was to figure out that com ports on windows mobile are not just called "com9" but with a backslash prefix like this: "\com9" or it seems on some devices it is instead "com9:" or even "\com9:".

When starting Mysaifu:
Type "JAR file"
Name "\SD-MMCard\java\ChartPlotter.jar"

Select options to set:
command line options: -p\COM9:
Start directory to: \SD-MMCard\charts


It works!