HenriksComPortIPServer hcpips

This program is intended to be used when a java program needs to connect to a GPS on a serial port. But it can be used for other things too.

It is a tcp/ip server program. Client programs can connect to it and use it to set baudrate and send/receive data on the serial port.

When connected the server program will send the string "www.eit.se/hcpips" to identify itself. It will then expect the client to send a password. The default password is "eitcp".

After identification sequence one of the following commands can be given to server:
c hostname port
p name baudrate
l [class]
connect to a remote host over tcp/ip
connect to serial port, on windows a typical name is COM1
echo on, echo is usually off, turn it on to see what you type
echo off
kill server
server version (when this was written version was 1.11)
list all devices in a class (or all devices if no class is given)
list available serial comm ports
show server os (XP seems to be same as WinNT here)

The command shall be terminated with a "carrige return" or "line feed".

Once connected the data transfer will be transparent. The only way to send a new commad (eg to change baudrate) is to disconnect from the server and reconnect.

By default the server will only accept connections from own computer (localhost).

Start the program with "-?" to see how enable connections from other computers.

If you need other features please contact us.

Copyright 2008 Henrik Bjorkman www.eit.se/hb
You may use this program for free. If you wish to redistribute it please contact us first.


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