Air coil calculations


First check this page for an explanation of terms used in this calculator
It is important to do so. Set desired input parameters in the sections below, then press submit at the end.

NOTE! This was tested using firefox, if something is not working check if it works when using firefox.

Dimensions of coil

Define the physical dimensions of the toroidal air coil here.

Length of a coil section

Width of one section/block, value here shall be sectionWindingWidth_mm plus bobin/box walls on each side of it.

Air gap margin between sections/blocks.

Number of turns in each section, if set to 0 it will be calculated later

Margin from the winding inside section/block to the outer and inner edge of the section/block

Margin from the winding inside section/block to the side of the section/block

Number of sections in one entire toroid coil, if increased frequency drops, must be at least 8 and preferably dividable by 4 so (8, 12, 16, 24...) can be used here.

Properties of used wire


Estimated lacquer layer on each strand of wire

estimate the layer of insulation tape between each layer (if any, put 0.0 here if none, in final version we should have some tape here)

How much space is needed for one turn of wire on the bobbin compared to a round wire taking up a square. packingFactor

How the thing is configured

Wanted frequency in Hz

Desired voltage, Test voltage in kV over one coil, voltage over cable will be oneCoilVoltage_Kv * numberOfCoilsInSerial

Number of coils to use (more than one coil can be used for higher voltage)

At full cable load each pair of coil sections are used in parallel, Use a 2 here for that. Use one if all are in serial. (2 is supposed to be default value).

Put the sum of cable and driver bridge resistance here. Put zero here to get a calculation for coils only. externalResistance_ohm