The CalibrateChart program

You will need charts (maps). You can use a scanner and scan your own maps. The ChartPlotter program will need some information about which area is covered by the chart. This information is produced using the CalibrateChart pogram.

Scan charts

Store your image files (jpg files) in a folder. Preferably in: c:\charts

Start the CalibrateChart program

Use the CalibrateChart.bat script file.

Add reference points

A referece point is a point (x,y) on the image with a known latitude and longitude.

A reference point is created by FIRST marking it on the image with a mouse click (a cross will apear on the image).

Then choose "add ref" in the menu.

A dialog window will pop up. Enter the latitude and longitude for the reference point.

Latitude is given in this format: 12S34.56 or 12N34.56
Longitude is given in this format: 12E34.56 or 12W34.56

Click ok.

Save the reference data file

When at least 2, preferably 4, reference points have been added just choose "save..." in the menu.

Add the chart to the list of charts

Just choose "add to charts.cfg" in the menu.


Thats it, you can now test it by starting the ChartPlotter program. Or you can load another image file and calibrate that too.